The annoying popup

Recently we released new versions of most of our apps with only one new feature: in most countries in Europe an annoying popup is asking for ‘Consent’. Why do we do this? Well, “Free” comes at a price. And a Free app requires a lot of time to design, to develop and to test before … Read more

HOWTO – Calibrate

If you use the Camper Leveler app (Free or Pro), you better use the Wizard. If you do not want to use the Wizard – or if you use the Caravan Leveler app – follow instruction below on how to calibrate the Leveler apps. Calibration happens in the app itself. Calibration tells the app what … Read more

Leveler apps : a little history

Back in 2012, I had an idea : would it be possible to use an app on a mobile phone to level a Camper? Some phones back then already had hardware sensors, so I searched on Google Play store if someone else had come up with this brilliant idea. Search result : 0 apps. So … Read more