Leveler Blocks in the apps

There are many leveler blocks out there in many different shapes. Then you want to level your motorhome and left front wheel requires more lift than the right front wheel. But how to position the blocks to get the motorhome as horizontal as possible? Well, you could position the block under the left front wheel … Read more

The annoying popup

Recently we released new versions of most of our apps with only one new feature: in most countries in Europe an annoying popup is asking for ‘Consent’. Why do we do this? Well, “Free” comes at a price. And a Free app requires a lot of time to design, to develop and to test before … Read more

HOWTO – Calibrate

If you use the Camper Leveler app (Free or Pro), you better use the Wizard. If you do not want to use the Wizard – or if you use the Caravan Leveler app – follow instruction below on how to calibrate the Leveler apps. Calibration happens in the app itself. Calibration tells the app what … Read more