Already since 2012, eland apps has helped 100.000’s camper (motorhome / RV), caravan and roof tent enthusiasts globally to sleep in a horizontal position. The Camper and Caravan leveler apps make it very easy to put your mobile holiday vehicle in a perfect horizontal position. The apps also have some useful extra’s, like level block support, a compass, notes, useful checklists and some info about traffic rules in Europe.

Do you also like to go camping? eland apps has created following useful apps for you:

Based on many requests, we also created a paid (ad-free) version of the Camper Leveler app: Camper Leveler – PRO Edition and the Caravan Leveler app: Caravan Leveler – PRO Edition. These PRO versions are exactly the same as the Free versions. Only difference: it is ad-free.

So, try it and only when you like it, buy it.

Following apps are part of the leveler apps, but also made available as separate apps:

Next to that, eland apps also created some sports apps. Any referee or coach could use the referee whistle apps, of which one also contains a scoring board, a notes page and a yellow and red card. Go and have some fun.

Rather stay in a bar and play some darts? Keep track of the dart scores in a 301, 501 or 701 game, up to 4 players. Less than 171 points left? The app shows the best possible way to win. Keep practising!

Cooking, or just need up to Eight Timers for something else, counting up and/or counting down? Multi Timer Plus may help you!

All apps are available on Google Play

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