Leveler Blocks in the apps

There are many leveler blocks out there in many different shapes. Then you want to level your motorhome and left front wheel requires more lift than the right front wheel. But how to position the blocks to get the motorhome as horizontal as possible?

Well, you could position the block under the left front wheel and drive up a bit until left and right are even and then position the 2nd block under the right front wheel and continue, OR you can look in the leveler app how to position both blocks before you start driving.

Saves time and puzzling and some frustration.

The apps come with some pre-configured blocks, but you can add your own blocks as well.

The links below will take you to Amazon in your local country. They contain an eland apps identifier, which means that if you buy something from Amazon after clicking on one of these links, eland apps will receive a small commission.

Fiamma Level Pro
Fiamma Level System Magnum
Fiamma Level System Jumbo
Milenco Wedge leveller set
Fiamma Kit Level Up Jumbo
Froli XL
Fiamma Level Up
Fiamma Level Up Premium
Milenco Triple
Milenco MGI midi
Milenco MGI maxi
Valterra Stackers
Camco FasTen
Camco FasTen Heavy Duty

Whatever block you use, be careful when using the blocks and do not drive over them (and be gentle to the clutch 😉 ).